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11.17.2012 , 12:30 AM | #18
That is annoying and unnecessary. The economy is fake and the money is fake. Why do we need a fake "tax" to add to the complication? The process of figuring out profit margin before was pretty simple. It went like this: I always get back my selling price plus part (or maybe all) of my original deposit. Now if I don't do the math, I can take a loss? Great.

I will adjust, but why must I? I mean... it's... a... game... It doesn't need to be complicated like this.

Maybe I'm wrong... Perhaps we should adopt political parties and argue about where the fake tax dollars will go? I mean why should my GTN money go towards renovating Taris when I don't even live there? Heck - they don't even have a GTN kiosk, do they? Why don't they have to pay their fair share?!?