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11.16.2012 , 11:55 PM | #846
Quote: Originally Posted by Doomsdaycomes View Post
No. (for the exact reasons of longer queue times and mismatched 2-3 teams.)

Yes, yes, yes. Full agreement.
Yes, with cross server function, queue times would not be a problem. The pools would be big enough to support the split queues. Premade Vs Pug play should not exist, period.

If Bioware keeps it up and does not implement Cross Server function, proper matchmaking and split queues in a tactful manner (anything more than 2 queues could not be supported by the population of this game, simple Premade and Pug queue split would be sufficient) the game will slowly bleed out the remainder of the players it has.

Premades are the minority, although I enjoy competitive and engaging play and consider myself part of this category, the game will be nothing without the masses, the masses here are the Pugs, not the Premades. Accept it and stop deluding yourself. Elite are called elite for a reason and they sure as heII don't belong against Pugs.

True competition is in Ranked play, I'll admit it had a disastrous implementation and horrendous support topped off with poor matchmaking; but that is were premades belong. Bioware needs to fix it and make it more attractive for Premades to end up here instead of against Pugs.