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Hey RPers,
I'm just starting to get into SWTOR RP so I've been trying to think of a good toon and backstory to work with. I threw this together today and was hoping to get some feedback. Mostly I just want to make sure it's all good lore-wise and all that. Oh, and I could not find any info on Twi'lek aging, so if you have any info on that, could you pass it along?

Name: Vyr’Lyss
Alias: “V”
Age: ??? - (Young adult ~21 human-wise)
Gender: Female
Species: Twi’lek
Classification: Smuggler, Ex-Slave (Gunslinger in-game)

V was born into slavery on Nal Hutta. Her parents were also slaves so V was taught to keep her mouth shut and do what she was told, which was almost always to dance and entertain gangsters and their guests. Before she was old enough for her masters to throw her into their courts to dance, she built weapons and helped to repair starships. She was sold from one crime lord to the next without hesitation until she found herself on Nar Shadda, dancing by night and repairing ships and blasters by day.
After years of this, V secretly built a blaster from stolen parts acquired over the years and practiced quick drawing every night that she wasn’t forced to dance for masters. Eventually, V was assigned as a mechanic to a smuggler’s ship, but more importantly she was to keep the, apparently popular, ship’s captain entertained.
Finally, V‘s scheming and planning to came to life: in deep space, she secretly sabotaged her ship’s engine, forcing the crew to land on a remote, uninhabited planet. While the captain and crew were desperately searching for a town to buy parts in, V fixes the ship and kills the crew member who was assigned to watch her. Stealing the ship, V flies it to Tatooine to sell it immediately as to try to cover her trail. Purchasing another freighter ship on the black market, V has now begun to smuggle spice and perform mercenary work as a way to earn money to legitimately buy her eventual freedom.
Today, she is always fighting off bounty hunters hired by her former Hutt masters while at the same time, evading Republic and Imperial law officials so she doesn’t get caught smuggling spice until she earns enough credits to buy her freedom.

V has the typical, exotic beautiful features of a young Twi’lek. Generally, V is overly covered up in her spacer garb with pockets filled with anything she may need in an emergency. Sometimes, however, she has been known to lose a few layers of clothes to help her in “negotiations.” She is nearly always armed with two blaster pistols, one on each hip.

V doesn’t take things too seriously and she’s out to show people who do the error of their ways. V is always up for going against authority to make a few credits, unless underprivileged folks would get hurt in any way. She’s always looking out for the little guy, especially slaves.