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11.16.2012 , 11:41 PM | #845
Dude manag good luck to you if you think you understand statistics.

Lets make it simple. There are 3 people. Only 1 can win. Assuming all else equal what % chance does each have at winning? I don't think that is 50%.

It is pretty obvious that there are more puggers than premaders (not on forums though) and the whining is from the puggers. So thats what we are discussing here. The premade is already the premade. They are not hoping to be on the premade. They are lol. The 12 puggers are the ones hoping and only 4 can be. If you are never 1 of the 4 premaders then you are with the 12. The 4 doesn't matter. You are competing with 11 others to be on the premade team. Simple.

If you don't understand this though I'm done. The important thing here is matchmaking. I'm just making the thread stay at the top lol.