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11.16.2012 , 11:23 PM | #12
Listen. this isn't 1v1. A top tier vguard that has no healing and is in a pug needs to always have los nearby, know everyone around them, keep taunts up effectively, short range kiting, etc. Also, sent/mara/jug/guard/tanka(shadow/sin)/geared OP/sniper/dot sorc are all better at 1v1 assuming played equally with equal gear (I have all of these classes and so while I often beat them 1v1 on my vguard I still know they should win from my experience with them). Then if you consider the fact that you don't have the dmg mit, leaps, or even invisibility of these other classes then if you don't position well you won't do as well.

While on my sent if I screw up I have plenty of oh-crap abilities. Infact I don't even pay attention anymore (moving camera around/etc.) when I play on my sent and I haven't really needed to lol.

Now I am not saying vguard is hard as I have posted many times that the soft skillcaps in this game are very low for all classes. I am just saying smash specs are far far simpler to play.

Also, in a premade both specs are laughably easy and about the same.