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You may be a clicker, you may have progressed the the pinnacle of your abilities as a clicker. The fact remains though, and it's a physical fact, using binds improves a) your situational awareness b) ability to move c) reaction times.
You know its a PHYSICAL fact that not everyone can PHYSICALLY use multiple keys for a myriad of physical reasons? For example MS? I also have no need to track my mouse with my eyes due to hyper peripheral vision, another fun physical fact, I see everything on the screen at all times and even around it.

Whats funny is my wife who also plays the game and is a binder lambasts me and claims I have the advantage of being a clicker as can use all my abilities at will without the need of a third hand. Being a clicker also doesnt prevent me from mouse turning.

I know binding is easier, I know binding has better performance potential all things being equal but I also know not everyone is able to use keybinds and its not down to a lack of skill, its often down to physical restrictions and I also know from my own performance and the few other clickers that I know that it doesnt hold us back.

Also given the rarity of us mouseclickers I would daresay there is a MUCH bigger percentage of sucky binder players out there than clickers.

Oh and I also do just fine in PvP where there situational awareness needs to be heightened and things are not nearly so formulaic.

*disclaimer, its 5am here and its more than possible Im suffering from the stayed up way, way, way too late grumps so if I sound curt my apologies*