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11.16.2012 , 11:13 PM | #842
Bump because the fact that Premade Vs Pug matches still exists is preposterous. Split the queues, they simply do not belong faced against one another. At the very least force teams to face groups of players, doesn't matter if they're incomplete teams, 3+ people do not belong against a full on PUG, face them against at least a group of 2+.

I run both Premades and Pugs, the truth is Pug play is far more frequent, especially if a person wants to enjoy ALT play or simply is more active than their friends/guild. Can't force your players into waiting and queuing only in groups for a less than unbearable experience, being punished for playing when friends/guildmates aren't online is not a very pleasant nor enjoyable experience.

With the disgustingly small player pools competition grows stale extremely quickly; why you (Bioware) have not implemented Cross Server queues to support a more robust pool and the possibility of a proper matchmaking system is just inefficient, complete lack of foresight, incompetence or perhaps simple ignorance.

I'm all for fair competition but the fact is Premade Vs Pug play is simply not competition. For a Premade it is rarely if ever a challenge 9/10 times it is a clear and easy victory. For a PUG it is nothing short of one of the most frustrating, annoying and unbearable experiences this game has to offer; this is not something you want the vast majority of your player base to experience, especially the newcomers trying out your game.

Split Premade and PUG queues, implement an adequate matchmaking system and cross server function, at the very least for PvP.