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11.16.2012 , 11:04 PM | #6
if you need to keybind to play this game you are bad, you know how many post this forum has saying this game is very easy.If you think your way to play this game is better, you are bad
I know alot of players that dont keybind their abilities(healers,tanks,dps) and rock on PVE and PVP, they and their guilds 1shot every boss on EC HM and TFB HM, 0 wipes and 0 deads.

killing order of mobs? only if you are undergear, must ppl buy and gear up BH gear, so they are overgear for much everthing in the game.

know your rotation? most hard fight in this game you cant stay still to do 1 full rotation, you have to adapt, folow the boss(Ex. Kephess on TFB), get out of AOE,boss knockback etc.Only on a ops dummy you can just sit there and pew pew.

Tanks aggro? i love when a DPS steal aggro from my tank, in that moment i aggro back, at that moment my aggro sky- rockets and DPS use their de-aggro abilitie after, from that point if the boss dont have some sort of aggro reset i can just stand there and use my basic attack because is no way possible for DPS steal aggro again after.

My point- you are bad if you think you are always right and the others wrong, even if the others can do what you do but different. you are good if you can adapt in any circumstances during a combat and come out a winner