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11.16.2012 , 10:58 PM | #1
I know that many people do not want cross server warzones because they enjoy the rivalries which spring up from recognizing opponents. This would be the only thing that I miss from single server warzones. (That and all of the epeen boost threads which would go away :P )

If Bioware (or the monstrous EA) want more people to HAVE FUN while pvping, then they need to introduce cross server warzones. The problem that single server warzones run into is sometimes there are only a couple teams queuing at a time. If this happens and the teams are balanced then it will actually be fun for everyone involved. What is more likely is that one team is significantly better (geared or players in general) and they will ALWAYS win against the less good team. So after a couple losses the people without even a chance of winning just stop queueing. If cross server warzones were in use however, the team which lost a bunch would AT LEAST get to play against different people. Even if that team loses consistently, it doesn't feel as demoralizing because each warzone they still have a chance. Since gear makes a significant impact on the outcome of a warzone, the people who continue to lose (as they are already at a disadvantage) will always be less geared than their opponents; and this problem will never fix itself.

This is less of a problem after server consolidation, but it is still a problem. For all of those people who think this is a qq thread, I dare you to only wear recruit gear into warzones and see the impact it makes on your performance. Yes, bads are still bad, but good players have their effectiveness greatly reduced.