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Anyone including you and many other on this forum that dont get the reason as to why solo should be vs solo and group should be vs groups are just stupid. why even have the 2 options when one set people is being throw in with the other set of people. you want to have premades go to rwz. but wait i forgot rwz is just farmed half the time. people dont want to do rwz cause they dont want to put effort so they make premade and go to wz and roll people.

Simple fix for both is all group get throw to RWZ and SOLO is for WZ. mix the 2 sets of people screw **** up for the other people. Why you think RWZ dont allow solo people?? people are just plain stupid
First, ranked is 8 people. No less, no more... exactly 8 people needed. Please explain how a 4 man premade is suppose to be an 8 man premade? And before you try "Find 4 friends" realize something; Non-ranked is 1-4. If for whatever reason you can not find 1, 2, or 3 more friends, you can still play.

Second, there are two buttons is to give more people access to warzones. Let's think of non-ranked as a playground. Everyone shares the playground. It's much cheaper to have one playground, and it's community building. Now you've got one "faction" who is unhappy with sharing the playground. Is the right answer give those people their own playground... or make them (like children) understand that We all share the Playground?

Back to the game. Same queue's shares the pool. Bigger pool, more games. More games, more chances for fun, more people playing. Everyone should be happy. Some people aren't happy (for personal reasons) and now demand their own queue. Like the playground, is the right answer to give them their own playground? (No)

You make some changes, you up the rules, you try and be respectful for their differences. Mk2 recruit, free BM relics, games played for daily (instead of wins), etc... You understand some people are worse than others, and you try and give them a more level field (Proper Matchmaking anyone?). Yet you still do not give them their own queue. They still have to share the playground.