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Whoops, looks like I did.

You are equally likely as a PUGer to benefit from as to be detrimented by a premade. What's so difficult to understand?
Anyone including you and many other on this forum that dont get the reason as to why solo should be vs solo and group should be vs groups are just stupid. why even have the 2 options when one set people is being throw in with the other set of people. you want to have premades go to rwz. but wait i forgot rwz is just farmed half the time. people dont want to do rwz cause they dont want to put effort so they make premade and go to wz and roll people.

Simple fix for both is all group get throw to RWZ and SOLO is for WZ. mix the 2 sets of people screw **** up for the other people. Why you think RWZ dont allow solo people?? people are just plain stupid