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Unless they intend to completely ignore the latest SW book the class stories are done, and with it the game.

I sincerely do not take pleasure in saying this, as I've continued to support the game and want to see it grow into something epic, but I doubt they have any intention to pour more money into the game but instead, simply milk it for every penny like what's happened with every single MMO EA has had any influence in and continuing the class stories would take a large amount of resources.

I mean, the silence about the topic of class stories and the complete absence of any statements regarding the story aspect of this game speaks for itself.
I hate to say it, but I'm starting to think you are right and if so I'll probably quit the game completely. I've been following TOR since 2008, but if they don't continue the class stories there is no point in sticking around. I can find better endgame content in other MMOs. I play for the story and if Bioware isn't going to deliver on their promises of continuing the class stories then there is really no point in me playing and I doubt I'm alone.