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You may be a clicker, you may have progressed the the pinnacle of your abilities as a clicker. The fact remains though, and it's a physical fact, using binds improves a) your situational awareness b) ability to move c) reaction times.

A) Because you're having to track your mouse with your eyes in order to click the correct location. Taking away time that could be used to scan your surroundings, monitor your buffs/procs/debuffs.

B) The most effective movement method is using mouse to rotate your character or point of view. You can turn, change direction etc, much faster with the use of a mouse. This is most important with melee and tanking roles, and a clicker in these situations can usually be spotted as you watch them slowly pan around to chase a target that has run behind them. Situations like Kephess HM+ when he pulls the entire raid to him and then drops the large purple circle is a particular case where someone who's relying on keyboard turning will have a distinct disadvantage, even for a ranged role.

C) Most clearly evident in a target swap situation to rapidly interrupt a target you're not on. You have 2 choices as a clicker, target the caster with your mouse and then click your interrupt, or tab target and then click interrupt. Neither is going to reliably get your action completed in as short a time as the key bind user. I could think of several situations where there are benefits for those using binds.

All these things on their own are small. Add them together and you've got someone who's at a fairly significant disadvantage. I started as a clicker in Everquest over 10 years ago, I had been clicking for 3 years by the time I was finally motivated to make the switch. It's hard, muscle memory takes time to develop, skills and patterns take a while to take shape, but trust me, if you get binding down, you will be much happier with your performance.