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Hi, you sound like you play madness, and thats cool. You can talent for a bit extra crit for madness but not deception - my point is that every single other class has talents for mainstat / accuracy and or crit (force etc). We do not. We do not even have our mirror class talents (The sorc) whereas every single other class has their mirror class talents (Give or take one).

I don't play madness, I got bored of that back in March on my sorc. For Deception, Crit is king. Sure, we get bonus damage to our crits on maul and shock / discharge..every other class gets those too! What we are missing are talents for crit - in the stance itself or at least a mainstat talent frustrates me.

I run deception in end game ops (i switched from my mara when 1.4 hit because I always enjoyed my assassin but it wasnt beefy enough for deception). Well, on the puzzle droid in 16 man HM TFB, i am top dps. For Kephess, i was around 3rd, for TFB - i am top dps. My current power is around 996 force power with about 39.89 melee and 38.8 force. I am constantly changing mods and relics around to try out diff stats. The issue now is, if i had +40 or so more crit, the number barely goes up - might go from 39.89 melee to 40.41.

It is impossible for me to get a crit of around 39 with 1100+ power, unlike my guild mates on their respective chars.

EDIT: As for accuracy, VS is used the most since its a filler for deception, and usually in a parse it does say 38 percent damage while maul / shock are behind at like 25 or something...simply because its used more. Maul i am not TOO worried about missing since the exploit will still be up, but there's no way i want an attack thats used the most..missing...
I am current at around 109 and 99 for acc
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