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11.16.2012 , 09:18 PM | #28
And after 1 hour and 34 minutes on the phone waiting for tech support it cuts me off with absolutely no warning or explanation. Terrible, absolutely terrible. I have played 6 MMOs (SWTOR, WoW, TERA, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, and The Secret World) and in general have been playing video games for 20 years. I have never experienced such atrocious customer service or game performance in general as I have experienced in the 1 year I have been playing this game. This is not the first time I have had to call customer service and it unfortunately will not be the last. I want you guys from BioWare that are doing customer service to know that from the bottom of my heart I feel sorry for you. I know it is not your fault that you are overworked and underappreciated but nearly everything about this game has been a disaster. From hundreds of random bugs to not having launched a single major patch successfully, to the constant server crashes and restarts and unending seemingly daily server maintenance, to the horrendous customer service, to launching without multiple things that are expected in modern MMOs (guild banks, group finder, customizeable UI), all the way down to the server issues which led there to be 4 people on the fleet at any given time on my server when I unsubbed the first time. Virtually the only thing that was a success in this game was the great storytelling both while leveling and in flashpoints and if I can't login then I can't even enjoy that. At this point I just feel that nothing can come of this game. But, I'll continue to hope because I like the idea of this game. In the meantime, if you guys get this fixed please refund me for the days I couldn't log in. If you don't get it fixed then please refund my money all together.