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Imperial shuttles had bagun landing in the space stations hangars men all flooded out, sith and marine alike ran throughout the station scouring for any republic survivors.

Darth Howl received Darth Marrs transmission. Oh my favorite council member what do you need. he said in a less than sincere tone.

Markos waled around the command deck. I don't need to fight you Jedi dog I've already won. I'm so very far ahead of your puny mind.

Hadock raised his carbine. as he walked near the ships door. I've been itching for some good blood letting. Let's get this show on the road! Merena unholstered two blaster pistols keeping them at the ready. Who ever did this is gonna be the scum I pick off the bottom of my boot when I'm through with them. Ravna held both held both her lightsaberand her guard shoto at the ready. A silent look of hatred on her face.

Meanwhile on coruscant the Jedi council was ordered to convene deciding how to counteract the new menace.