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See, you are equating Playing with Winning. Just like the trooper wearing strength gear, you are free to play as you like, but you must accept the consequences of doing so. I know Commando's are Sub par in terms of balance, but I choose to use one as my main. When I die/lose on the Commando, I don't get angry at my opponents for being good. One of two things happened:

They're better than me (80% likely) or I'm using a sub-optimal class/spec/tactic for personal reasons (20% likely).

Yet... somehow I doubt the idea that there is a "less right" way to play is going to stick with most people. It seems they're more keen to blame something on being OP, unfair, and justify it with a reason I'm pretty sure I've seen my 6 year old cousin use.

As for even matching... well I agree. A matchmaking system that tried to match by either group size/valor-rank/composition/etc... would be great. That system needs to be flexible enough though, to say "Hey, I've had 16 people waiting 3/4/5 minutes without an optimal composition, time to set up a match." A split queue doesn't do that.

PS. There is a reason Min/Maxxer's exist and are generally the best. There are many ways to play Mario, but only one way to save the Princess.
Yet again your playing in a gray area, and slightly off topic. It's all together different saying "nerf this so I don't get beat so much" or "My char sucks because..." which is a while different topic as the class balances can be pretty huge Maurader vs. merc for example.

No one should have to conform to anyone else's style of play to have fun. A PUGer shouldnt have to put in 45+ hours a week, where as the Elitiest shouldn't have to play all by there lonesome. As for Mario there is a different way to save the princess, should I get the feather and fly past everything and then just land on Koopa? Maybe I should use the flower and just shoot him? I think what you mean to say is the out come is the same the problem is the path to that outcome is very unbalanced. You have PUGers the get the flower and have to blast their way through and and when they get to Koopa... guess what he is invincible because now Koopa has 3 turtles that are healing him and he is invincible to the fireball. That's what most PVP matches are when you compare PUG groups to Premade.