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I'd have to disagree with a couple of points.

The best healer I know is a clicker. I was astonished when I learned that, explains why she's having trouble learning to tank though.

I'd also put "raid awareness" as more important for DPS than having a maximal rotation. That is to say, I'd rather have a DPS that pays attention than one that puts out max DPS.

In terms of Kaon, I'm not sure where you're talking about a "group aggro" test for tanks. The final boss ignores threat mechanics and the trash (elites) has special mechanics. The turret is much easier with the tank on it than a DPS, so again, how is this a test compared to any other FP? Personally I find the first pull of Red Reaper to be the hardest one to hold aggro and just generally to survive, in any role.
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