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11.16.2012 , 08:16 PM | #21
We do have a talent that provides flat damage reduction, another talent that has flat endurance buff, and a talent that gives us 3% crit chance (via lightning charge and charge mastery).

I haven't bothered comparing it to other classes because I only ever play assassin, so I'm not arguing for or against the OP. I'm just saying it's there :P

Oh and P.S. it's not a big deal dropping some accuracy on your gear. While 3 of our 5 damage dealers are white damage, one (maul) can miss and still retain the buff. So you just lose a global and not the attack. With discharge and shock both being force, I feel safe in the idea that I can run 90% accuracy and miss the occasional voltaic slash or assassinate. Missing VS is not a big deal and while missing an assassinate will suck, I feel the increased damage on our other 4 skills would probably make up for it.

Feel free to run some numbers on it though and find out for certain, I'd be interested in determining our ideal accuracy. I feel we'd end up being best with 90%, but it would probably require a calculus equation that I haven't done in years.