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It's still the same thing just in a gray area. Play this way (they way I play) or get owned repeatedly until you just give up and quit (which would help no one.) which is the same as "group like me, and play like me" just worded more polietly. The CAPs was for the reading impaired, my reason for not grouping is just as vaild as anyone else's reason for grouping. Too say "your reasons for playing your way aren't as good as my reasons that you should play like me" shows just how narrow minded a person is.

As usual you bring a char and thier gear into it which doesn't suprise me. Your suggesting that because somone wants to have an even match it must because they don't know how to play? Far from it, it's an undeniable fact that premades tip the scale in PVP. Take a PVP match lets say one is a full PUG one is a man premade. one has 5 Mercs (has happened to me several times) and the premade team has 2 healers and a tank and then whatever else. Who is going to win? Mercs get *****, and with that lack of DPS they will not be able to do much of anything. So yeah sorry for people wanting a fair fight. Their is no perfect solution to solve this. Either ques get a little longer for more even fights or the ques get longer because people enjoy noobstomping and people just stop playing PVP. So take your pick even fights and waiting a little longer or continue with how it is until the que is out of control long and the premades have to do exactly what has been suggested over and over in order to have a decent que time... play each other.
See, you are equating Playing with Winning. Just like the trooper wearing strength gear, you are free to play as you like, but you must accept the consequences of doing so. I know Commando's are Sub par in terms of balance, but I choose to use one as my main. When I die/lose on the Commando, I don't get angry at my opponents for being good. One of two things happened:

They're better than me (80% likely) or I'm using a sub-optimal class/spec/tactic for personal reasons (20% likely).

Yet... somehow I doubt the idea that there is a "less right" way to play is going to stick with most people. It seems they're more keen to blame something on being OP, unfair, and justify it with a reason I'm pretty sure I've seen my 6 year old cousin use.

As for even matching... well I agree. A matchmaking system that tried to match by either group size/valor-rank/composition/etc... would be great. That system needs to be flexible enough though, to say "Hey, I've had 16 people waiting 3/4/5 minutes without an optimal composition, time to set up a match." A split queue doesn't do that.

PS. There is a reason Min/Maxxer's exist and are generally the best. There are many ways to play Mario, but only one way to save the Princess.