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11.16.2012 , 06:51 PM | #9
I am having what appears to be the same issue.

I am testing this on a level 43 Imperial Agent Operative, on Belsavis (regular).
I have the following companions unlocked:
Ensign Temple
Doctor Lokin
Ship Droid 2V-R8

When Kaliyo or Temple manage to pop up in the Companion tab of the Item Preview window, all I see is one or two feet. Usually (always?) they are naked feet.

When Vector, Lokin, SCORPIO, or 2V-R8 are in the preview window, it works as intended.

When I try to cycle through companions, I cannot cycle to Kaliyo or Temple. If they are next in the rotation, it will not go to them, instead keeping the current Previewed companion's name and going to a gray, empty screen for the character display.

If I open the Preview tab and Kaliyo or Temple are currently loaded, I get the bare foot/feet; I can cycle off of them but not back on. (if it brings up Kaliyo, I can go forward to Vector or back to 2V-R8. If I go to Vector, I cannot leave Vector until I zone or toggle the UI off and back on - as Ensign Temple is next in the cycle, Vector is bracketed by females.)

I have tested that this occurs whether I am on my ship (which, btw, I never did get the Codex entry for), on Belsavis (regular), on Ilum, or on Alderaan. In Section X, I get the Known Issue preview window failure. Interestingly, I had the same issue on Corellia as in Section X: No preview at all, even on my tab. Still cannot even cycle the name bar of the companion preview tab to Kaliyo or Temple.