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(I'm halfway in the book)

So, what happened in each storyline ?

-The Jedi Knight storyline is the most proeminent. The Emperor death was the Empire's Midway. The Empire is in full retreat everywhere. Panic is gripping the Dark Council. They know that total defeat is a question of months.

-The Imperial Intelligence disbanding affected tremendously the Empire's war effort. The Empire is now completely blind toward the Republican war effort. Opposedly, the Republicans are able to read into Imperial most secure channels and know perfectly Imperial intentions. (note : coupled with some cryptoanalysis sequences, this looks furiously like the situation of the Allies in WW2)

-A Darth Gravus (the canonical Sith Warrior, judging by the text description) met a very fiery death at the hand of a fellow sith and her superweapon (no, really ?). Very ironically, Darth Gravus seems to have been very good at helping the Republican war effort....since he ascended to his position thanks to him wrecking Taris.

Alas, Darth Gravus missed a tiny point : the governor of Taris, because of his action, ascended to the post of Supreme Chancellor-and fully mobilized the Republic against the Empire.