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11.16.2012 , 05:49 PM | #10
While a completely valid concern, it's also not super important. In a WZ with competent PVPers, this becomes a non-issue. I roll into a WZ with my Sent, I immediately know where the Sorcs and Operatives are, I roll in with my Mara, I immediately know where the Sages and Scoundrels are. You know, unless they are invisible.

I roll in with my Sage, people know immediately where I am. And will often roll right past someone at an objective, to come chase after me. And I will happily lead them far far away from the objective, make them sit through 3 bubble mezzes, and then give them a golf clap when they finally kill me, and my team caps the objective. But I digress... Sages have a slight advantage over Sorcs, and NO advantage over Snipers from a visibility standpoint, which I conider a fair tradeoff for the knowledge that my "main" offensive ability, is throwing rocks.

I hope fixing this is like priority item #742 on the dev's list.
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