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11.16.2012 , 05:48 PM | #3120
With the F2P announcement I decided to check out what the status of this was after being gone for just short of what 8 or 9 months now? And surprise surprise we are exactly where we were when I left.

We still have no idea if or when this content will ever see the light of day. For a game that sold itself as "the" story mmo, going this long without what I would consider to be a large chunk of your baseline class story is pretty shameful. The way they've handled the whole thing and treated the community, wanting to shove the entire issue back in the closet instead of actually acknowledging the gaping hole in the game content, is even worse.

They did exceed one of my expectations though. I thought they would make it at least 18 months before they had to go F2P. Guess even I'm off the mark some of the time.