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11.16.2012 , 05:44 PM | #85
good lord, you all. they know there is an issue and they are working on it. whining about it after they have had maybe a day to work on it since they acknowledged i isnt going to help them fix it any faster.

there is probably something in the code for the f2p aspect of the game that is bugged, and they have to find it. since the game itself is nearly 20 gb of data, that is a lot of code to search thru.

I know you want to play with new chars, but until they fix the issue, you can still play with your other char you didn't delete, until they fix the issue. it may be something as simple as a server refresh that when they do their weekly maintenance will clear it out, or it may be something quite complex. computer code is difficult enough to learn to do for basic stuff, but when you've got a major game, sometimes things in update patches, can conflict with code that was in the game before the patch.

not to start a pissing match, just saying since people keep sayin they have problems and are mad because it isn't fixed yet. at least you all can get into the game. i've had to uninstall my game because the patcher stalls when installing the newest patch and freezes up my computer. re installing the game is going to take several hours after installing the game from disk, and the downloading all the patch content that they've put out since the game was put to disk which was before launch.