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This animation must be adjusted to show when you have a bunch of rocks being thrown at you. While the attack is lame, the animation is worse and causes a huge imbalance in PVP.

When an Inquisitor gives another player the business in PVP with their equivalent, Force Lightning, you can see it half way across the map. While it is really cool, it is unfair and imbalanced because the Consulars rocks can barely be seen, even if you are the one being hit. Bounty Hunter missiles have a trail, as does other classes blaster blots and melee are easily seen. But the pebbles are damn near invisible.

It's totally ridiculous. It needs to have a lot more white streaks in it or something to denote look, clothie sitting still casting, just like it does for the Inquisitor.

As it is now I am being hit for two or three seconds before I even realize i am being hit, much less where it is coming from and that can make all the difference in a match. Just look how many fricking Consulars are in every Republic PVP team.... they are at least 4 of the 8 in every WZ.

Before you say it even the sound of those pebbles being thrown is minimal and lesser in the noise than everything else. Tick,Tick,Tickicicicicick, Ya can't hear the thing.

There are other issues with Consulars and their non-stop CC, the junky resolve system not working in PVP etc... but this issue with the rocks is immediate and the easiest to fix the imbalance outside of tweaking the numbers for everyone.

And it's unfair my commando has this stupid green beam that comes out when I heal people. At least with the lightning it looks cool and awesome. My green healing beam just looks lame as hell.