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11.16.2012 , 05:16 PM | #826
manag dude the 4 in the premade don't count since you said you are as likely to end up on a premade side than not. No, if you are a pug you are less likely to end up on the premade team than on the pug team in the example I gave.

More importantly though, people against the current system please stop saying split the q's. We need a matchmaking system that includes different faction teams when necessary. This will make premades fight eachother much more often (without much longer q's) and make puggers happy as well. It will also make premaders that want good matches happy since they will get them more than 10% of the time lol.

If you say split q's you are hurting your chance of anything being done since we don't have the numbers to support that without cross server and swtor apparently has problems getting that to work.

The only way to make the devs have some slight chance of listening is if many of us can agree on something and I think matchmaking is it. With matchmaking everyone is happier except for premades that only want to pugstomp.