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11.16.2012 , 04:22 PM | #2
Agreed, I want my credits back for the rocket boots I bought months ago.. an actual refund on the purchase price. I will give Bioware the 5 and a half bucks it will cost to buy the cartel coins to buy them back.

Bioware would have a fit if I was to sell 4 million credits for real cash so someone could buy rocket boots.. but has no problem selling rocket boots for 5 bucks.. really? 5 freakin dollars! 540CC for all 3 stages ... In their world, one of these "fancy new set of armor" is worth close to 9 mill in credits .. hmmm , makes perfect sense! [facepalm]

At least they could have made the new pricing a little painful to the P2W crowd.. I could see 1200CC for each stage, maybe.. Make them work for them like the rest of us, but 540cc for all 3? .. the insane mentality of the people in Austin is really going to kill this game. Oh, that is right, as I keep seeing in Gen chat, "this game is dead".

At the same time, I was able to buy an extra storage bay for 1050CC (account wide) or 2 mil each.. seriously what are these guys thinking? It makes absolutely NO sense at all. NOT that I am complaining about the storage bays, they are best item in the whole list of cra.... stuff they put out yesterday, IMO.