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Perhaps, but this is what Plageius said to Sidious in the Darth Plageius novel, and how the latter learned to use force lightening. Maybe its more to do with taking the rage and emotions etcetera inside yourself and channelling them i.e. Sith often use the dark side against Jedi/force sensitives in order to goad them into using the same power against them in angry retaliation - perhaps this is what is happening here.
Yeah, I think it has more to do with the Dark Side and the Darkness inside oneself, but, upon reflection, I think getting zapped(), based on Darth Plagueis' assessment of it, the zapped would gain some measure of enhancement in their own use of Force Lightning.

Perhaps your astute observation is correct. We know the Sith love to goad Jedi into falling, and the use of Lightning would show them the power of the Dark Side. Such is seen with Bastila's fall at the hands of Malak. So it sounds plausible. Either that or Plagueis is just plain sadistic.

On a side-note. I think Inquisitors should get a buff whenever they are hit with Force Lightning. Not a permanent one, but wouldn't that be cool?
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