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Don't know if something like this has appeared before. I thought it would be useful for players to have a way of gauging their level of playing ability. Disagreements and additions are welcome.

All roles
You are bad if:
You are not geared correctly, e.g. you're a tank but you don't have a shield generator. or you're a sentinel wearing smuggler gear.

You are oblivious to your surroundings while playing, i.e. you play with tunnel vision.

You ignore instructions and don't follow proper loot etiquette.

You don't use key binds.

You are good if:
You avoid most or all unnecessary damage in any fight while remaining maximally effective.

You are attentive to boss mechanics and work to improve each time you raid.

You mix and match mods/enhancements to optimize relevant stats.

You are a bad tank if:
You do not have "Target of Target" enabled in your UI.

You fail to hold aggro for one or more mobs.
Test case: Kaon Under Siege

You fail to hold a boss's aggro throughout most or all of the fight.

You are a good tank if:
You can place an enemy exactly where they are supposed to be.
Test case: Soa

You can area taunt with precision.

You coordinate tank switches efficiently with your other tank.
Test case: Fabricator, Zorn & Toth, Ciphas/Heirad/Kel'sara

You use your defensive cooldowns effectively

You are a bad dps if:
You are using your abilities either randomly or arbitrarily.

You are not attacking enemies in the correct order (weakest to strongest).

You are a good dps if:
You employ a maximally effective rotation and can do it while paying attention to what's going on in the fight.

You use your aggro dumps effectively so that you can apply maximal damage while minimizing threat.

You can efficiently kill adds during a boss fight.
Test case: Gharj, Foreman Crusher, Karraga, Writing Horror, Terror from Beyond

You time your offensive cooldowns so that they are in use during a boss's vulnerable moments.
Test case: Soa, Warlord Kephess, Kephess the Undying

You are a bad healer if:
Assuming a group that is competent and adequately geared, you run out of energy/ammo/force before the end of a boss fight.

You don't heal situationally, i.e. you use the same heals regardless of HP level.

You are a good healer if:
You consistently remove cleansable debuffs and DoTs.
Test case: LR-5, Zorn & Toth, Writhing Horror

You can heal through major damage spikes to a single individual.
Test case: Foreman Crusher, Putrid Shacklaw

You can heal through major raid-wide damage.
Test case: Annihilation Droid XRR-3, Ciphas/Heirad/Kel'Sara (HM), Kephess the Undying (burn phase),
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