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The same goes for seperate queues. Nobody says premades can't play ... other premades.

And I am not gonna relist several reasons for not wanting to group up. You cn either accept that some people pug or not. Makes no difference to me.

Anyways the result will be the same: No seperation -> puggers will likely quit PVP.
Let's be honest here, this isn't that other game. We don't have millions of people playing. If everyone had their way, no warzone would ever pop. This is what your options would look like:

Solo Recruit Queue
1-4 Group Recruit Queue
Ranked Recruit Queue
Solo Battlemaster Queue
1-4 Group Battlemaster Queue
Ranked Battlemaster Queue
Solo Augmented Battlemaster Queue

etc, etc, etc. We don't have the people to support spreading out the queues to meet everyone's needs. I'm not saying you are calling for all of these, but people are calling for each setup and if we meet your desire for solo queue, why shouldn't we break it out by gear for those people as well? Or start offering warzone queuing by map?

People PUG for many reasons, none of which is that they don't have the OPTION to queue as a group. I think you need to accept that some people PUG and some group. Ultimately your desire to not face groups in warzones is trumped by everyone's desire to have queues pop at a reasonable level. If things change with population due to F2P then perhaps this may be a viable option.
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