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I love you for that reference.

I really am vacillating on this right now. I mean, I am optimistic about SGRs being implemented next month. On the other hand, I am disappointed that nothing could be said to help players who wanted to plan their game-play so as to be ready to enjoy this content when it does make it into game.

In that latter respect, however much we were encouraged to continue to raise our concerns here, this thread has been a colossal waste of time. The one point clarified was that whichever companions are involved, same-gender romance is being written as a wholly different conversational tree. Good news, as far as it went. Do we count getting the ballpark release window of "this year" as a point from this thread clarified, or was that more from the Weekly Q&A in February & March?

In whatever case, none of that was ever addressed by BioWare on these forums anywhere at all, much less in this thread. So while we were told to continue to discuss this, what good ever came of it?

The only use I can now see for this thread, now that we are maybe about a month out from implementation of SGRs, has been to collect what fragmentary information there is in order to bring other community members up to date on what we know has been said about this, and what we can infer. That is, we wound up doing what BioWare wouldn't or couldn't and, yeah, I am kind of bitter about that.

My affection for this game has taken a huge blow from how this was handled, and EA Corporate has done a very thorough job of concealing those responsible for the decisions made in this regard from having to hear from the hoi-polloi. I can only hope our disaffection is in fact being conveyed to those responsible, and that they can learn how to better address such issues in the future, if they have one.