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I completely respect the OP's patience in regards to PUGS. I have not had such patience in my experiences. Two encounters specifically stick out in my mind:

The first was in a pug group on EC hm with Toth and Zorn where I was dpsing as a sage. The tank in the group deemed it necessary to scream at me for using weakened mind (as it pulled threat off of him) and stated that he did not "have any ranged abilities that would hit within 10 meters to draw threat" he then preceded to ridicule me for "not knowing anything about the tanking class"...(I should have gotten on my tank alt....but i digress) he then told me that the tanks in my raid must be infinitely better than him and his raid group. (BTW...yes they are.)

The second event that stands out is when we picked up 2 dps for a semi guild run on EC hm and one of the dps preceded to tell us the strat we were going to use, and when we told him that we were going to do it the way we wanted to do it, he preceded to wipe the raid until we did it the way he wanted to do it. He then went on to call us trash when we did not 6 man the bosses on our alts.
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