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I'm very sure I'm about to get yelled at, but I'm just too darn curious at the moment. In regards to PvP (because I don't really like PvE), what's with all the ego out there? I swear I've been hearing more and more people with huge egos lately. No, I'm not going to point out anyone, but it just gets rather annoying when "Everyone on the opposing team sucks!" yet we still lose a match with people who claim to be "pro" on our team. This idea then leads to players starting controversy with each other. Now I'm not saying that a little rivalry is bad, but I've seen people getting seriously mad at others.

Another major problem I've noticed, that is somewhat increasing, is bashing newer 50's that pvp. I'll admit, I've done it myself at times, but I've seen some people get super pissed off at some people. If possible, can we try to cut this out and replace it with constructive criticism that could possibly help newer 50's get better at pvp, specifically with team mechanics.

If this is offensive to anyone... well, it's the truth. I'm not trying to be mean or pick anyone out, but I'd really like to see a decline in ego.
There are unfortunatly people who measure their own self worth, irl, by their performance in a computer game. For those people PvP is serious bizz...

Me, I just like to hear the sounds of pain when a crit lands