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11.16.2012 , 02:58 PM | #822
I think you're (all/mostly) still conflating "grouping" vs. "elite groups." anybody can and do group. that doesn't turn a WZ into a rofl stompfest. now, when the 4 best players are in a group...well...then things get messy. as a general rule, the best players group up with the best players. then they trounce everyone they face.

I'm not saying police this. but I do think that's the *real* issue here. at some point you just have to police yourselves. and with the current state of dead rated Qs, I say screw it. make two even teams and have at it in rated.

yes, solo only and 1-4 queues would also address the issue (or at least make the stacking a random occurrence), I I wouldn't care if such a thing existed. in fact, I don't see how/why anyone would care unless s/he has serious self image/inferiority issues. solos could still queue for the 1-4. grps couldn't for the solo only.

...but that isn't going to happen. and if it does, I'm confident it would be glitched for -12 months. L2P isn't an option. if you were better you'd be better. not everyone is elite. that's why it's called "elite" and not "ordinary." if you want balanced teams, go "exploit" rated. it's one hell of an ironic twist.
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