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11.16.2012 , 02:53 PM | #282
The old animation for project was clearly inferior to it's mirror skill
imperial side with regards to pvp. Huge, unending tirades raged
about the imbalance. In my opinion, it looked great. Those great
looking, massive rock throws meant imperials could dodge your
attack in certain scenarios. I liked it, despite the unending forum
rage against project at that time.

The new animation, perhaps not as impressive looking. But
functionally, it's on par with it's mirror skill. The parity is nice,
and certainly is something to "like".

Maybe an easy compromise would be to have the old animation
style in effect for PVE encounters, newer more balanced animation
for PVP. Sure, people would still complain, but it would be a whole
new crop of people! Maybe it could be a lore thing, along the
following lines:

Having a PVP animation, and different PVE animation for project makes
my head hurt, making me feel unbalanced. It also interferes with my
ideas about the lore regarding yanking septic tanks out of the ground
to hurl at my enemies. FIX IT!