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Youtube youtube youtube. No one is going to be able to present in a wall of text, a viable way to play your toon. Look at the good folks who post videos on youtube. And don't just watch the video, slow it, pay attention to what abilities they are using and when. Then look up some videos about how other classes counter Marauders. Go to noxxic and check out a basic rotation. Use it so that it becomes muscle memory. Then once you've done that, learn when NOT to use it.

I'm sorry but the forums are just not a good medium of communication for passing along knowledge. People need to see you play to know what you are doing right/wrong. To that end, if you are in a WZ with a Mara that melts people, and happens to not be a douche, add him and ask him to spend some time dueling with you. The best way to learn any class is to play that class, the second best is to play against that class. You can multiply your learning by dueling someone of the same class as you, over and over, but only if you discuss what you did right/wrong after each fight.

As I said, the only thing you said that gave insight into your play style, is that you don't want to stay close to people for too long. That is not a Marauder's approach. We are melee, the only time we should be alone is when everyone around us is dead.

But from a general feedback standpoint, Rage is the "easiest" tree. Stick with that until you feel comfortable. Carnage and Annihilation are harder, and plus they just nerfd the most useful part of Annihilation.

And of course, if you are keyboard turning and clicking, stop.

As for grouping and teamspeak, yeah that helps. But it isn't going to make a bad player good. But the easiest way to accomplish all of the above, is to join a non-elitist pvp guild. You're gonna get a lot more help from guildies than random strangers.

The stuns? Welcome to CCWTOR...
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