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Until there are enough ranked players to create properly matched rated warzones, this is going to continue. As much as I'm sure some of you guys hate having people leave, the people doing the leaving hate getting roflstomped by fully optimized elite warlords.
Your point is very valid.

I noticed this new win trade trend about a month ago and at first I was fine with it. I thought "Oh okay sure let them gear up and perhaps then they'll be more willing to form a solid team and try to get better in RWZ."

This never happened. They'll gear up to full WH and then never set foot into a RWZ again.

I understand the frustration of being outgeared, but even the ones who do catch up in gear are still afraid to play. That's when it starts to get frustrating for the people who are still trying to keep the server competitive.

I hate to sound like a Republican (not even from 'merica), but watching people get gear welfare cheques bothers those of us who earned ours.
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