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Hello people,

I had, as a noob, some questions about Pvp as a marauder. This is my first MMO and I feel like I'm just not getting better at it, which gets annoying at times. I've been PvPing for a little while now, and I do feel like I'm getting better at playing a marauder and I do feel like I've come to understand warzones better but my results just don't get any better. I rarely win a warzone. I never complete my Weekly quest within a week, because I oftenly literally have to play for hours before I win a single warzone, which oftenly makes me just wanna call it a day for this game.

I mostly play either the Rage or Carnage spec. I've tried Annihilation several times, but it just isn't for me, I'm prolly not good enough at it or something . I like rage because it has some nice damage, and you're not to dependant on healers. You can just build up rage through choke/crush/berserk, charge/oblterate, smash, and get away and repeat without getting to close to people for too much time. I like Carnage because of the nice burst it CAN have, with berserk,gore,massacre, and I know other players appreciate the speed buff. It's just that I can rarely actually perform this burst, because I always get stunned instantly, and keep getting stunned untill I die (Tell me if it's me, but I do think there are too many stuns in this game ). It is almost as if on the other side they're like "kill it immediately if it carries 2 lightsabers!!!".

Now I've heard that getting the proper PvP gear can make a huge difference in this, in which I horribly failed, because I was getting the PvP gear that is meant for marauders (How silly of me ). So I was halfway my WH weaponmaster gear when I found this out, and now I'm on my way getting the WH vindicator set, for the bonus and everything, after which I will have to augment and min/max with the glove mods (I've read the guide on this forum ). This process is going terribly slow of course because of my winrate. But in the end, will it make the huge difference people talk about?

I also heard the key to victory is grouping up with people and talk on teamspeak. Is that true?

Bottomline is that I'd greatly appreciate the greater marauders/sentinels around here to give me some advice on the issues I've mentioned here, and maybe give me some tips, so that I can improve my results in PvP before it starts ticking me off too much and just wanna give up at some point.

Thanks guys!
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