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If it only cost, say, $5 per month to PvP on a f2p account (even if I had to pay extra to unlock the needed action bars, gear etc) I might have actually come back, as PvP is what I only did when I subbed months ago.

I do realise the more coins you buy the better the deal but I'm not dropping a big wad of cash all at once on a game I've already paid for in the past.

As it stands I'm out, I'll see if the prices change in a few months time.
Dear Business,

Previously I was paying for a service, and for (Insert reason here) I decided to stop using your service.

I would now like to start using your service again at the same capacity I did when using your service prior at half the price as everyone else, since you aren't allowing me to do so, I will continue NOT using said service. I will check back in a couple months in case my idea on what you should charge ME is met.

Guy who doesn't understand nor will ever run a business