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Welp, i think i did it. I found out what bioware meant by "support class" with a working build. Check it out:

This combines the highest degree of survivability with maximum damage (that i can push out).

Using combustible gas cylinder, Incindiary missle, Railshot and explosive dart are my mobile attacks. Unload can either do a good amount of damage or a lure for people to use their interupts on instead of my heals. Death from above, Fusion missle (typically instant cast) and cybertech Firestorm grenade are AoE damage and do quite a bit.

Rapids shots+Kolto-shell give a decent heal. Pop Power-surge for an instant heal+proactive medicine+10% to armor. Kolto-missle as often as needed to help allies with heals and a slow as well as boost all your other heals. It gives you a nice layer of defense that can mean the difference between capping a node and just getting squashed. Since you dotting people with fire, the cybertech cryo-grenade is recommended since it slows 5 targets for 12 seconds and can buy u time to heal up or save an ally.

This build will build up heat fast if you try to DPS and heal at the same time, so i took everything i could to reduce heat costs. So far Heat has been manageable, but in a long drawn out fight its best to heal more than dps because of Critical Efficiency. All of your defensive abilities need to be put to saving your own butt because people won't know what you are, but they will want you dead because you hit hard, but keep healing other people.

This is a support build. It works in that function. I average around 200k Damage a match and around 180k healing. I get guarded for my heals which increases my survivabiity even more and my damage is good enough that when people are topped off the AoEs can burn down groups fast. Since we all have free respecs and you can get cartel coins to do it in the field, give it a chance and see if you like it. I welcome all positive criticism. =)
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