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It is just a Legacy Unlock...

if it only unlocked to the character who buys it before, it will still only unlock for the character who buys it with CC...

Speeder unlock were ALWAYS character based, not account wide...

the ONLY account wide Legacy unlocks were the ones in the "Others" tab
*VERY worth it imo, I bought the Rocket boost, with the 2 shorter cooldowns, and in-ship mailbox, repair droid and GTN, open to ALL toons*
The problem is, the item in the Cartel Market specifically says it works for all characters in your legacy when you buy it. It doesn't. So, they need to either make it work for all characters. like it says, or change what the item says and refund my money, as I bought all 3 on my 50 who already had speeder I and II, just so I could unlock them on my other characters.
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