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The only answer I didn't like (thought it did not effect me) is the one about people with more than 12 characters on a server having to pay money for EAwares mistake.

It was worth the read but, once bitten and all that ... I am cautiously less pessimistic ( only a little ).

Thanks Dulfy!
Yeah I was annoyed that it was likely that I might have to pay for the 13-16th character slots just to make a cathar in the future. Then now it seems i will have to pay for the 4 characters even if I don't make my 16th char into a cathar. No way! You know 3 of those 4 are level 1 and I was going to start 2 of them properly to help f2p players , so now , not only will I have to pay a sub and help them but also extra money too. Lol , this just gets worse. Also giving me the option to move 8 of them for free to another server now would be a bit difficult as some of those 8 and 16 are group characters only not solo. Obviously if someone has over 16 on a server then yeah that's more than 16 advanced classes , but still they might make a new advanced class in the future too. Swings and roundabouts.

So Mr. Schubert I think you might want to re-evaluate this insane idea , especially when we where allowed to have 8 characters per server before the mergers and the fact there are 16 advanced classes.


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