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Thanks for the interview write up, Duffy.

Nothing on SGRA's, no surprise there.
I was travelling and not online much at all when the call for questions went out, but looking at the page on it was acknowleged that some questions are off limits for devs to address due to strict non-disclosure policies in place on a corporate level, and SGRs very much seem to be in that category.

I don't think that means we shouldn't ask, and shouldn't express our perfectly understandable frustration that same-gender content cannot be discussed. I think we can and ought to, loudly and often, in hopes that somehow this actually will get escalated to those responsible so that they can see how their decision is hurting community relations, on the off chance that they might care.

THAT SAID, reading between many lines at what has been allowed to be mentioned and connecting several dots and considering the Enigma of the Missing Tweet, something Eric Musco says here is a very good sign for SGRs, and that is that the Makeb content patch has a separate, dedicated development team and it has not been delayed to bring us F2P in 1.5. We know there is one more big content patch planned for calendar year 2012, and Makeb is almost certainly it. Likewise, with the next big installment of story content expected with Makeb, we ought to be able to reasonably expect SGRs to be a part of that.

Needing to guess, infer and suppose because nothing has ever been said here by BioWare at all while other pending content has been discussed on these boards is not at all acceptable. I don't expect Dulfy to have the magic wand to fix that. I do think we now do have a little more to work with, however, so thanks.