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11.16.2012 , 01:00 PM | #24
As everyone has stated, there's good and bads on every server on every faction. I'm on the pub faction and just a few nights ago was playing huttball and saw two guardians running around mid, not being rooted, snared, or stunned in any way, and didn't bother grabbing the huttball in the middle. I tried my best to reach it myself (I was in combat), but I literally watched enemy team walk right up to it and take it unimpeded. I was in disbelief that they were just standing there not doing anything. Yes, I was with a premade but there's only so much we can do since we were setting up for passes and attacking healers.

Anyway, this isn't qq. I'm just saying that bads are everywhere. It sucks, I hate it. But I suck it up and move on and try not to rage quit (even though I wanted to so bad). We ended up losing 6-2, and my premade of course made the scores, barely. I try to stick to rated with my guild when I get the chance.