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I agree. This is one of the most senseless nerfs I've seen in a long time.
Another PvP oriented decision that also drastically affects PvE.

However in PvP with the 30% damage reduction already imposed it makes this spec almost completely non-viable as the heals were an integral part of the sustained damage and survivability. Further, the burns can be cleansed by any class.

In two warzones tonight I did 300k damage and healed 11k and 35k respectively while the Guardian Tank healed for over 55k.
But it WASN'T a PVP oriented decision. Go to the PVP forums and all they are saying is "Another PvE decision that drastically affects PvP..."

PvE'ers weren't calling for a nerf on Sent healing. PvP'ers weren't calling for it. (recently anyway, at some point every ability of every class has been called on to be nerfed by anyone who has ever lost to that class)

This is just another head-scratcher by Bioware that leaves their players going "huh?"

The only thing that is clear about this nerf is that Bioware WANTS me to re-spec focus/rage. So watch out WZs... Another geared out lolsmasher coming through...
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