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11.16.2012 , 11:44 AM | #4
My lag issues are preventing any real pvp or pve play of decent caliber.

I just cant trust my server connectivity to enjoy high level play.

15 seconds of red barred freeze on screen pretty much ruins any chance at competitive gameplay, since you cant trust that what you see on screen is in sync with real time.

So, I have a guild that cant use me for raid fill ins, or pvp spots for ranked, and I cant spec heals or tank at all, lest I let my teammates down through lag related deaths.

Nothing so frustrating as a healer then seeing the red bar spike, not being in control for 10-15 secs, then coming back in control when your heal target is on 5% life and you have one GCD (if you are fast) to save them.

The frustrating thing is this is 100% on their end- all my drivers are updated, my hardware is all fairly cutting edge, I have tons of RAM, I played since early beta with no issues up until 1.3-1.4 patches. There is nothing left for me to try to fix this issue outside of buying a new video card or something, which is truly not needed- my card runs everything else perfectly on highest settings.

Nothing else matters is the game doent play well. New content should be secondary to gameplay. Without the foundation, building more on top is just wasting time and effort.

Fix your engine. fix your memory leakage. Then put out more content.
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