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Thanks for the write up Dulfy! I'm not at all happy about this part though and I will explain why.

11. For subscribers with more than 12 characters due to the server consolidation, will they have to purchase character slots to unlock them once the character slot restrictions are put in place?

That is the current plan, yes. We donít think itís fair to everyone else who wasnít lucky enough to get this accidental side benefit from server merges. However, those additional characters arenít lost, and players will easily be able to unlock those characters. The timeline for this is TBD.

Now it wasn't an accidental side benefit at all. In fact I was forced to make my final characters up to the total of 16 advanced classes earlier than I wanted. So now even though I had 8 characters on each of my 2 servers and was forcibly merged and moved to one server , i will have to pay to unlock my 4 characters above the maximum of 12 ? Well that isn't going to go down well with me at all. I will kick up a fuss over that. We could have 50 characters for free. It's absolutely ridiculous that I will have to pay for the 4 characters that I am allowed to have for free one day then not the next. Anyone else have any thoughts on this ?

EDIT - Plus the fact they merged 6 RP east coast servers into 1 and no option for me to move 1 set of my 16 characters ( 8 ) to a different server. I might actually quit because of this stupid money grabbing scheme. There are 16 advanced classes BioWare and I was encouraged to make them by you. So quit with the side benefit malarky.

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