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11.16.2012 , 11:16 AM | #1
As a vanguard tank I've noticed that I use a way different rotation than others. I start the fight with sticky grenade, storm then I use battle focus stockstrike and then HIB with Energy blast. At this point I have around 8 energy so I continue with my priority which is.

HIB/ Energy Blast>Stockstrike>Sticky grenade>Ion pulse

Between each of these I will fire one round of hammer shots which keeps my energy up except for the HIB/ Energy blast. That counts as a 'freebee' whereas no matter how much energy I have as long as it's above 8 when those two are fired I will end up with the same amount I started with. (-2 energy from HIB +1 from energy blast +1 from GCD)

Using this I can use HIB and Energy blast whenever they are up, and keep all my buffs/debuffs up. Last I checked I parsed around 850DPS but I recently added some augments which had power.

Wondering what DPS I should have/ how I can improve my rotation