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11.16.2012 , 11:03 AM | #1
HI all

My problem:

i played on 3 dif server's before the server merge all imp classes , the problem what has come up right now
is that after the server merge i have on red eclipse 14/12 char's so i cant make a new 1.

to get all the parts for hk-51 companion i need atleast 1 rep char this means for me that i have to delete
3 char to open the 12 char slot.

seeing lowest char's are above lvl 22 ........this is harse seeing some are mine and some are from my kids.

i dont understand why a companion (the part's ) need to be in a pvp erea and you need to have a 2faction char
this is puching ppl in a situation they dont want to be in.

so how can this be solved ???? BW plz give a answer to this .